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We can help you improve your venous health with modern treatments.

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In accordance with the latest government guidelines, the clinic is currently open. Rest assured that we are taking all new precautionary measures in place for COVID 19.

Treatments for Varicose Veins and More

For more than 12 years, Clinique De Varices Dr Maxime Goyette has been administering treatments for varicose veins in Montreal. We also provide treatments for wrinkles. With years of experience under our belt and a passion for restoring the beauty and health of our patients, we offer a wide range of treatments, not only to treat varicose veins at any stage of development, but also for wrinkles and facial rejuvenation.


Get in touch with us to book a consultation with our experienced doctors and nurses who will welcome you with a professional attitude and a courteous approach. We are always happy to help you.

A clinic that offers solutions

The Dr. Maxime Goyette Varicose Vein Clinic stands out thanks to its friendly atmosphere and its wide range of treatments for varicose veins:

Venous ultrasound

Endovenous laser

Varicose vein surgery


Medical stockings

We also offer wrinkle treatment for the face.

Please note that these treatments do not require convalescence. We also perform tests to assess your venous circulation and to determine the best varicose vein treatment for you. Contact us today!

Dr. Maxime Goyette presenting the various treatments for varicose veins on the TV show les Docteurs.

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