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Venous Ultrasound

Ultrasound Examination

Ultrasound is a painless medical imaging technique performed using a probe passed over the skin. This examination is essential because it allows the doctor-phlebologist to assess your venous system in depth. In particular, it can be used to diagnose venous insufficiency, discover the presence of clots or assess the sequelae caused by previous phlebitis. Ultrasound can also be used as a tool to guide the doctor during injections into the saphenous veins, endovenous laser treatments or phlebectomy.

First Consultation

During your first visit to the Clinique De Varices Dr Maxime Goyette, we will perform a clinical examination. It allows the doctor to assess your needs. Usually, an ultrasound examination is recommended to complete the clinical examination. During the consultation, the staff will inform you about the different treatments offered at the clinic.

Marking of a Varicose Vein under Ultrasound Guidance

The dotted line on the thigh indicates the subcutaneous path of the saphenous vein to be treated with endovenous laser. The varicose veins under the knee are treated by phlebectomy.

doctor scanning patient's leg
after marking
before marking

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