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Endovenous Laser

Treatment of Saphenous Veins

This innovative, incision-free technique is ideal for treating saphenous veins. Through a needle puncture, a 0.6 mm diameter laser fiber is introduced into the diseased vein. When the fiber is activated, it induces sclerosis under the effect of heat. The procedure takes place in the clinic, under local anesthesia and sterile conditions. This treatment has demonstrated a 97% success rate over a period of more than 5 years. With endovenous laser, it is now possible to successfully treat veins measuring up to 30 mm in diameter.

In most cases, endovenous laser treatment makes it possible to avoid classic stripping surgery.


This treatment has many advantages over stripping, including local anesthesia (only the skin is "frozen"), better cosmetic results and a quick return to normal activities.


If you are planning an endovenous laser or phlebectomy procedure, see this section for relevant information.

Treatments for Your Venous Health

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